Current Version of Drakor running v0.71 ALPHA
Announcement: Drakor is now OPEN to Everyone

News: Patch 0.71 has been launched March 15, 2011 Patch Details

Drakor History Introduction
Drakor is a diverse land containing multiple mountain ranges, lush valleys, and rich forests and jungles. It's pocketed with deep lakes and many rivers and streams. However recently many parts of Drakor have been corrupted by the evil plaguing the land. Streams and lakes polluted and dried up. Fields turned to mud. Mountains crumbling. Drakor is in the midst of an unwelcome change for the worse. Only time will tell if the changes can be revearsed or if they shall become permanent.

The Humans populate the south-eastern point of Drakor, while the Elves can be found on the south-western point. The Trolls inhabit the north-easternly woods while the Goblins live in the dense jungle-like forests of the north-westernly area. The Dwarves occupy the middle ground living under the largest of Drakor's mountain ranges. The Liaxon have all but disappeared from the face of Drakor. A few scattered settlements remain but you are just as likely to see a Liaxon as you are to see your own reflection in a rock.

Drakor is also home to a wide range of monsters, each more deadly than the next, forgotten races, and a multitude of mystical beings. It is a time of strife, with hardships for all. The Ancients have gone missing and with them all knowledge of the higher magics. Throughout the land magic dwindles as the evil rises. There is a great need for adventurers in the world, and many a treasure await any who are brave enough to face the many dangers Drakor has to offer.

General Features that are in Drakor
  • Full Map System, shows current location, other online players locations, and other places of interest.
  • Questing System & Quest Review System
  • Full Guild Features, Guild chat channel, guild forum, etc.
  • Find Scrolls, Books, Legends, Stories through-out the World, you also have a Story Journal where you can re-read this information.
  • Battle Arenas, fight blood thirsty monsters and also PvP other players in Drakor's deadly Arenas. Full Battles with other players.
  • Combat Window, with dynamic statistic updates, Healing Potion System
  • Over 180+ Areas, 300+ Pieces of Equipment & Weapons, 230+ Monsters, and counting
  • Custom Race & Equipment Graphics
  • Drakor World Market - Buy and Sell ANY items in the game used or not.
  • Dynamic Access/Keying System when you reach certain levels and kill "Key" monsters You will be granted access to more of the Drakor world.
  • 5 Races to choose from, 6 classes to choose from
  • Skills System where you can progress your player where you wish to build your skills.
  • Message Forums, Instant Messaging, Multi-Channel Chat System

Drakor Map System

Monster Combat Screen