40 Online
Game Stats
5,410,901 Battles
67,258,749 Items
40 Online
Game Stats
5,410,901 Battles
67,258,749 Items

Game Features & Information

Virtually Unlimited Loot!
Equipment, Abilities & More!
100s of Item Icons
5 Item Quality Levels
21+ Item Types!
Load 5 Different Items!
Tool : Enchanting23
This tool grants a 13% timer reduction while working Enchanting.Bonus works with Enchanting (18-23)This works as a basic tool for any level.
Bound to Account
Sell Value: 3,450 Gold
Enchant : Hands19
+6 Magic
+4 Defense
Bound to Account
Required Level: 19
Sell Value: 580 Gold
Battle : Cleanse30
Randomly CLEANSE 1-3 of your current curses. Curses of higher level and quality might resist this.
Bound to Account
Durability: 30 / 30
Required Level: 30
Sell Value: 520 Gold
Battle : Curse5
Curse your opponent for 4-6 pt(s) of Damage per round.
Bound to Account
Durability: 20 / 20
Required Level: 5
Sell Value: 180 Gold
Battle : Curse6
Curse your opponent for 4-6 pt(s) of Damage per round.
Bound to Account
Durability: 14 / 14
Required Level: 6
Sell Value: 180 Gold
* click each item to bring it to the front
* 5 random items are shown here!
Player Estates
Build, Own & Upgrade
8 Estate Upgrades!
Get Land, Build upto a Palace
New Leaderboards for Estates
Help your friends with their estate.
Multiple permanent buff rewards
* The larger your estate becomes, the more powerful the buffs they provide will get.
Trade Skills
15 Trades to Work
New Treasure Hunting
Tool Belts no tool swapping!
Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Crafting
Cooking, Gathering, Jewelcrafting
Enchanting, Disenchanting
Alchemy, Logging, Construction
Ancient Research & Inscription
* There is no limit to how many trades you can work. You need to learn each one before working it.
Collection & Pattern
Go up Mastery Levels
Obtain Mastery Bonuses
Bonuses stack with Perks/Food.
* The more you work your masteries, the better bonus you receive for further working those patterns or collection trades.
Guild Settlements
Buy Land, Build & Develop
Purchase Land & Build Guild Hall
Various Guild Hall Upgrades
Guild Masteries on Trades
Develop Guild Only Nodes
Guild Forum, Chat Channel
& Many More Guild Features.
* Work together in building your Guild Settlement!
run dungeons daily!
24hr Dungeon Reset
Progress through the dungeons
Gather Epic Loot!
Defeat Boss Monsters!!
* Dungeons reset 24hrs after you kill the first boss. Bosses drop high end gear, patterns and other items.
Pets & Mounts!
Collect, Feed, Grow

Many Pets/Mounts to Collect
Feed your pet for Buffs!
Each pet eats different Items.
Pets can gain exp/levels!
* There are many pets to collect, also the option to pick which pets are released into the game.
Quest System!
Multi-Task/Step Quests!
Multi-Task/Step/Reward Quests!
NPCs have multi-tier quests.
Quest Log: Review Progress
Rewards: Gold, Exp, Player Titles, Keys, Patterns & Premium Features.
FREE to Play!
All Game Content is Free!
Earn Medals with Refer-a-Friend!*
Earn Medals Voting Daily!
All Items available in game
We do NOT share your info.
No Banner Ads or Subscriptions
* Medals can be redeemed for in-game loot, buffs & more!
Play on Anything!
No Downloading or Installing!!
Play anywhere on any PC or Mac!
Play directly in Web Browser
We recommend Chrome or Firefox
No crazy PC specs needed
Play on Phone or Tablet!!*
* Fully Responsive Game Design! Mobile Phone & Tablet Optimized!
Detailed Combat System!
Conquer your Opponents!
Custom build your Battle Abilities!
Hunt Creatures while Exploring
NPC Arena Battles, 4 Difficulties
Higher Difficulty = Better Reward!
Offline and Ranked Battles*
* Offline and Ranked battles are in development

5 Races, 6 Classes
Skin & Hair options
* Random Hair & Skin Colors shown. Refresh to see more.
* Left to Right: Dwarf, Troll, Elf, Human, Goblin
Unlimited Inventory!
Unlimited Personal Inventory
Unlimited Inventory!
Multiple Auto-Sorting Options
# Slots Displayed per page
* Unlimited Inventory Launched Oct 4, 2017