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Drakor Release History

July 21, 2015

Ninja Patch

- Added ability to de-activate your active pet. (Pet Page) This stops it from randomly talking in chat and removes it from your inventory (Pet Slot)

July 03, 2015

Ninja Patch

- Added Flying Pig "Pet Chat". Now if you have the Flying Pig as your active pet it can talk in chat.
- Given out the promo titles to anyone who has already hit thresholds in the current token promotion.
- Tweaked a Few Area Descriptions.

June 25, 2015

v2.54 BETA (open)

Drakor Pets System
- New Pet Released (Quest Reward).
- Added the Option to give a Pet as a Quest Reward
- Now when Pets level their buff goes up 3% down from 5% per level.

New Player Quest Tutorital
- Added a New Player Tutorial Quest to Danof. This helps with basic combat fundamentals and basic trade skills information.

Quest System
- Now quest rewards can include Trade Materials

World Content
- Fixed/Tweaked a bunch of Area Descriptions (Thanks to Hiems for suggesting the improvements, More still remaining)

June 16, 2015

v2.532 BETA (open)

Missed out on the Promotion?
The Baby Fire Drake (First Pet in Game) has been added to the Drakor Store for purchase.

June 08, 2015

v2.531 BETA (open)

General Update
- Moved the Pets Screen to the Overlay Window, instead of the Main UI
- Increased the Player-to-Player inactivity filter to 60 mins from 30 mins. (a player will need to move or be active within 60 mins to show up in the trading window)
- Added the Server Date/Time to the Game Stats tab.
- Now Pet Chat is not linked to World Chat. You can disable world chat and have "pets" enabled in the chat options and still see the various Pet actions and chat.

Fixed Bug: The Drakor Mailbox wasn't turning red and giving notifications after receiving new in-game mail auto-magically.

June 06, 2015

v2.53 BETA (open)

Drakor Pets System
- Added the Base Framework for the new Pets system.
- Added the First Pet "Baby Fire Drake" into the game.
- Given the pet to players who met the $99+ token promotion in the April/May to get early access to the first released pet in game. (Thank you for your support of the game!!)
- Pets can be fed every 18hrs. (with any one of their preferred foods), feeding your pet will grant you a buff, the buff changes by pet.
- Everytime your pet is fed, it will gain exp and over time go up levels. Increasing it's buff reward.
- Some pets might randomly talk or perform actions in chat. (this chat is considered "pet" in the chat filter, if you don't want to see them.)
- Only your "Active" pet shows up in your Pet Inventory Slot and only Active pets can possibly Talk. If it's a talking Pet that is.
- I will be announcing the first 5 set of pets some from the pet idea thread in the forums.
- Some pets will be able to be "named" by the owner.
- Some Pets will be for specific tradeskills.
- Pets do NOT take up inventory slots.

General Updates
- Removed the link to Offline Battle Strategy Temporarily for the Pets Menu Item
- Added in Ability for Mods to outright Ban Players and un-Ban if needed as well. Banning will lock the players account and also boot them off the game if they are logged in.

Fixed Bug: Now after Disenchanting an Item it will show the exp % currently into level. It was disappearing after the DE was completed.

May 08, 2015

v2.52 BETA (open)

Player-2-Player Trading
- The Trading area now opens in the main Game UI instead of the overlay window. This allows for continued chat and interaction between the two trading players.
- Tweaked some logic in the trading to not allow for a few weird scenarios to happen while trading.
- Changed the Material Listing to be Alphabetical. Let me know if this works better and I'll change the sorting for Guild and World Banks as well. Or I'll change it back if it's not an improvement.

Drakor Rules: Updated the Trade Channel Messaging Guidelines.

May 12, 2015:
Fixed Bug: Level 40 Guild Nodes weren't depleting.
May 25, 2015:
Fixed Bug: Guild Nodes were still gaining Exp @ Level 40 and above. It should have been capped like everything else.
Content Add: Added a World Bank to the Small House in the Tree (The Grey Woods)
May 29, 2015:
Fixed Typo: Player Market was still saying you would lose 50% of your listing price if you buy back your listing. It's actually only 10%.

April 16, 2015

v2.51 BETA (open)

High Contrast Chat Update
- Ability to enable high contrast chat in the My Account page for vision impaired/color blind players.
- This feature will evolve over time to see other game features in high contrast.

Fixed Bug: Tweaked the Guild and Main Forum (Viewing Threads) styling a bit.

Ninja Patch: (May 1st):
The Deranged Bunnies Hunting area has been updated to only have a couple bunnies per spawn. They will come back in force next Easter!

April 13, 2015

v2.50 BETA (open)

Chat System Update
- You can now filter your chat down to a more granular level
- Now when you have a user blocked, you will not see any /me posts or other related chat messages about the user.
- When you click the Options button and the Chat Options are already opened. It'll work as a close button.
- You can't block Chat Mods any more.
- Trade Messaging Rule of Thumb is now set to 1 similar message per 30 mins (but you are allow to post different messages buying/selling different items from other messages)

Main Forum & Guild Forum
- You can now Edit your own replies to threads.

April 15, 2015
Fixed Bug: Collection Trades (and Disenchanting) now fail the correct %. Also DE doesn't fail any more.
Fixed Bug: When resizing the browser window to mobile size (then toggle chat on) and then maximize browser one menu wasn't reappearing.

April 09, 2015

v2.49 BETA (open)

Drakor is Responsive! (Mobile & Tablet Optimized)
- Play on any Device for a great Game Play Experience.
- First Phase of making Drakor fully Mobile & Tablet Optimized. This will be an evolving task. But the game should now work nicely on mobile phones (landscape orientation) and tablets (either orientation)!
- This is preperation to start looking at getting Drakor into the mobile gaming market and in-turn to grow the playerbase.
- You can disable the mobile version of the game (so you only see the full-screen desktop version in the My Account page)
- Did a full overhaul of the interface to allow for a nice Responsive Design
- Report any issues so they can be fixed.

- Moved the Leave/Disband Guild Button to only show at the bottom right corner of the Guild Roster section.

World Travelling
- Now when you travel it won't scroll you back up once the new location is loaded. This allows for more streamlined travel.

Easter Event
- All Collection Trades (All Easter Eggs, Easter Grass, Essence of Easter & Hickory Logs) have all been removed and will not drop any more.
- The Rabbit Hole Quick Travel area and Quest Turn-ins will stay available into next week. So players can still turn those items in and/or kill the deranged bunnies.

April 10, 2015
Fixed Bug: now chat won't fade away when trying to post chat on a mobile phone.
Fixed Bug: when opening the guild window, the menu-bar would shudder slightly.
Fixed Bug: Add Crafting Rings into the game. Before you weren't able to create any crafting trade rings.
Fixed Bug: Timestamps now show back up on the Guild Activity and Chat History Pages

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