39 Online
Game Stats
5,410,913 Battles
67,258,825 Items
39 Online
Game Stats
5,410,913 Battles
67,258,825 Items

Drakor Release History

September 05, 2014

v1.6 BETA (closed)

User Interface & Experience
- Disenchanting now doesn't refresh the whole screen.
- Using Durability Scrolls now don't refresh the whole screen.
- When you are scrolled down after new content is loaded the system will scroll up for you.
- Food Buffs now show up on the Trade Skill, Inventory & Exploring screens to see how much time is left on your buff.
- The buff expiry counts down and alerts you in your trade history when it expires.

Trade skill Cooking
- Now players can consume and benefit from some Food Buffs! Start Cooking!
- Gold Drop %, Drop Rate, Create Rate, Travel & Invisibility buffs now work.

- Cooking Buffs are real-time duration. so if the buff lasts 30mins it will last 30mins after you eat the food. (not 30mins of playtime) If you log off before it's done. It's still being used, you will still have the buff if you log back in before it expires.
- Disabled dropping Random Food Buffs that are currently not able to be eaten.
- Added Pricing to Food Buffs, they are no longer worth 0g.

Inventory Management
- Now when you complete a battle, if you don't have enough inventory space available the dropped items that will not fit into your inventory will disappear. there is a notification when this happens. Make sure to free up some space. This fixes a few bugs that was allowing players to keep stockpiles of items above their inventory limits.
(Example: 3 Items drop from the battle, you only have 1 slot free. You only will receive 1 Item and the other 2 disappear.)

September 01, 2014

v1.51 BETA (closed)

User Experience & Interface
- Upgraded the Interface so sections don't refresh the whole screen. making it more streamlined and use less bandwidth.
- After loading your character it defaults to exploring the world instead of your inventory.
- Changed Game Features page to load in the overlay window.

Fixed Bug: Market now takes the appropriate 5% charge (from total listing) even if listing many items at 1g/each.
Fixed Bug: one button in Drakor Mail wasn't closing the overlay window correctly.

August 28, 2014

v1.5 BETA (closed)

Trade Skills Inventory
- Now you can click on your Trade Materials listed in your Trade Inventor and see:
- Information about the Material
- What Node Level Range it drops from
- Which patterns it is used in. (Pattern List is grouped by each Trade Skill and sorted by Pattern Level)
- It also shows if the pattern is available to your current level, already owned or your skill is not high enough yet for that pattern.
- Added a X (close) button to the Patterns when you pop them up to display (to learn them or train with them.)
- You can now click on Materials for sale in the Market and also see the information like in the Trade Skills page.

Item/Equipment Generation
- Tweaked the Stat Generator a bit, it shouldn't produce as much Equipment with only HP/DEF gear now it should be more balanced.

August 27, 2014

v1.4 BETA (closed)

User Experience & Interface
- Tweaked Styles of the pages within the overlay window to fit better in the space.
- Added an X close button to the overlay window. (top right hand corner)

Game Manual
- Added Help Information to the Combat System section.
- Added further styling to the Game Manual side menu and tweaked content in some sections.

August 26, 2014

v1.3 BETA (closed)

Arena & World Battles
- The Arena and World battles will stop you for having a 0 durability item equipped and not allow you to start the battle. This now happens before it goes into the timer instead of after the timer.

User Experience & Interface
- Guild Section, Main Forums, Armory, Manual, Release History, Account Info, Drakor Mail & Support Drakor page.
- all screens listed above now open in a new overlay screen, and do NOT break any time mechanics in the game.
- This allows you to continue farming/working trades/combat screen in the background.
- Note: no more having to manage multiple windows/tabs, you can do everything in one browser window! what a concept.
- Guild Forum links in chat now go directly to the thread in question within the new overlay screen.
- Chat Armory Links now open in the new overlay screen as well
- Tweaked the Game Manual User Experience some. Made it so you can access the menu at any time while browsing.

- Tweaked some Thread/Post Styling in Guild & Main Forums
- Now when Players Create/Edit or Reply to Forum posts, it announces in the chat system with a link directly to the thread.

Fixed Bug: Arena and World Battles were allowing players to level past the current Level cap of 10.
Fixed Bug: Display issue with Pattern levels in the Currently Online, some were displaying level 0.

August 25, 2014

v1.2 BETA (closed)

Guild/Amory Rosters
- Added Total Levels to Guild & Armory Rosters.

Gathering Tradeskills
- Now when you are gathering on a node, there is a small blue reverse progress bar (no #s on it, just figure the full bar = 100% full) that displays approximately how much "stuff" is left at that node. So you can get an impression on when it will deplete.

Combat System
- Added a Quick Menu to the Battle System, you can now click the U to Use the ability or P to pass on the ability. Without the need to open the ability.
- Added the Pass ability. So you can save the durability on the ability by "passing" on using that ability in that battle. When you pass it will pass on using that ability in that round and just perform a basic attack. You will not be able to use the ability later on during the battle, but you save the durability on it for the next battle.

User Experience / Interface Improvements
- Now selling & repairing items does not reload the whole page. It loads the data into the screen, with chat still visible.

Fixed Bug:
Fixed issue with not being able to use Durability Scrolls, and a small display issue that was introduced with a recent patch.

August 22, 2014

v1.0 BETA (closed)

Player Market
- The official opening of the Player Market
- 5% non-refundable fee for listing your item on the Player Market (5% off your list price)
- You can list as many items as you want.
- You can cancel any listing whenever you want. (prior to it being sold)

Trade-able Items
- Common, Superior & Rare Items from Arena, World Drops, Quests are by default tradeable in the market.
- Epics & Legendary Drops are Not tradeable (They are Bound to Account) when they drop.
- All Crafted Items are Tradeable (even Epic & Legendary crafted items)
- Once an item is Equipped it becomes bound to that account. Only unused items are tradeable.

Combat System
- Increased potency of : Battle : Random (Damage / Heals), Bonus Crit%, Combat & Magic Shielding, and Damage Shields
- Nerfed LoT Slightly to be more inline with how expensive Regen is.
- Now it shows 0 / Max HP - Defeated when a player is defeated. So you can see how many HP the defeated character/creature had. (when reviewing/spectating the battle)
- Note: Decided not to make Heal Stat affect the Heal portion of Lifetap abilities. Would make Heal + Lifetap too powerful in battles.

Armory & Leaderboards
- Added a Total Level category for Character Leaderboards, this adds the Character Level and all Trade levels together.

Durability Scroll
- You can now use Scroll on Battle Abilities that are equipped.

Token Reward System
- You now get 1 token for each character or trade level you go up.

Food Buffs
- Disabled Food Buffs from Dropping until they can be consumed.

- Tweaked some styling colours, and interface layout a bit.

Fixed Bug: Armory Guild Listings now show them in order of Level, then top Exp into Level. Before it was just by Level
Fixed Bug: so the chatBox won't scroll in smaller window resolutions.

August 17, 2014

v0.95 BETA (closed)

Game Messages
- Created a Drakor Messaging system where you can send mail like messages to any player in Drakor.
- A new button was added to the top of the screen (# Messages In your Inbox)
- It shows Red if there are unread messages.
- You can also use this feature to send messages to Drakor Support directly.

Repairing & Selling Items
- Removed the confirmation page. It now places you back into your Inventory.

- Changed the # Currently Online button at the top of the screen to be # Online. To save some space for adding more features.

August 15, 2014

v0.91 BETA (closed)

Weapon/Item Shops
- The Weapon/Item shops are partially open now. They will now purchase any Trade Materials from you, that you would like to get rid of.

Shared Inventory
-- Added Button to Remove Battle Abilities from your Strategy and put them back in your Shared Inventory. (Before you had to swap them)

August 13, 2014

v0.9 BETA (closed)

Beta Key Generator
- Added Admin tools to Generate and Email Beta Keys out! Sending out a few keys every day or so. Make sure you verify your account & Check your email!

- Added share button to share your level ups in World or Guild chat (or both)
- Tweaked the Guild Level up messaging (That gets announced in guild chat)
- Tweaked some main interface styling

Trade Skills
- Enlarged the Buy Patterns & Train Now buttons on the Trade Skills page.

Player Armory
- Fixed Sorting on some of the lists. For example: Miners of the same level the one with more exp into that level will show up on top now. before it just sorted by level, then character name.

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