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46 Online
Game Stats
5,409,080 Battles
67,228,960 Items

Drakor Release History

November 13, 2014

v2.15 BETA (open)

Combat System
- Tweaked combat battles now there's a chance on no loot dropping on victory, the chances are lower the higher difficulty.
- Tweaked the combat "quick buttons" layout. Now the Use buttons are on the bottom of the icon and Pass buttons are on top. Also the buttons are larger and don't just say U & P anymore.
- Premium Feature: Now you can unlock a "Pass All" button with tokens for farming lower level monsters. (When losing battles after using Pass All, you are not eligible for consolation prizes/loot)

- Added 2nd part to the Teleportation Questline.

Ninja Patch: November 13th
- Armory Profile pages now show their Leaderboard "Ranking" for each tradeskill the player has started.

Fixed Text: there were some weird characters that got created when pasting in the New Player Guide in the manual.

November 12, 2014

v2.14 BETA (open)

Premium Features
- Change Character Name: You can now change your character's name with tokens.

Game Help Manual
- The manual has been switched over to be database driven instead of flat HTML files. Will make it much easier to add/remove/edit content on the manual.
- Added an in-depth New Players Guide to the manual. Added a link to this when a character is created.

Updated Screenshot
- Updated the main screenshot for Working Tradeskills to show one of the new graphics from v2.13.

November 10, 2014

v2.13 BETA (open)

Working Tradeskills
- Newly Designed & Streamlined Tradeskill Screens
- Added New Graphics to Inscription, Construction & Smithing
- Added New Graphics to some Logging & Gathering areas.

- Added Patterns for Inscription Level 8 - 15, Tweaked Ancient Research drops from 7-14 to be inline now (8-15)
- Tweaked some of the Exp on some patterns. Lowered Teleport to 15 exp from 25 exp. It was too high and also lowered Basic Markings from 15 to 10 exp.

Guild Forums
- Guild Leaders can now open old Forum Topics (red x at bottom-right corner of the first post of each topic) and have the ability to delete the topics now. If there is a need to cleanup old un-related topics.

Fixed Pattern: Smithing [Thick Iron Bar] pattern now takes [Iron Bar] x5 instead of the mistake of [Iron Ore] x5.

Mini-Patch: November 11, 2014
Node Replenishment:

Now any nodes under 50% resources will have a replenishment system in place. To combat players leaving nodes "empty" for example. If a node is left for 1hr @ 5%. When you find it, it'll go up a random amount between 20-45%. The increase goes up the longer the node is inactive, to a maximum replenishment of 65% of the node maximum.

November 07, 2014

v2.12 BETA (open)

Chat System
- Now when you change your chat channel, the message you are typing will be displayed in the correct color as to which default chat channel you are set to. This will help with distinguishing which default chat channel you are in. Hopefully it'll help with wrong channel posts.

In-Game Mail System
- Now chat will periodically (every 6 mins) check your ingame mail account and if you have any unread messages for any of your characters you will be notified in chat. It will also turn the message button at the top of the screen red if you have unread messages and back to normal if you have 0 unread.
- Also when deleting messages in your mailbox. it will automatically remove the red notification of unread messages (and update the # of messages) on the fly.

Player Title System
- Created a Player Title System (The base system for it)
- You can activate/select your "Player Title" in your Armory page when you are logged in. It doesn't show if you have 0 Titles.
- The player title displays on your Armory Profile Page and also in your "logged in" message.
- In the next few days I will be adding a lot of Player Titles to the system. stay tuned.

Fixed Bug: Chat was messaging players with 0 mail saying they had mail.
Fixed Bug: Where it wouldn't let you see archived (2nd page and on) Release Notes if you were logged in.

Mini-Patch: November 8, 2014
Guild Banks
- You can now view your guild bank from any location. But you can only deposit / withdraw in the guild bank specific locations.

November 06, 2014

v2.11 BETA (open)

- Added a Game Statistics clickable button at the top of the screen. shows some statistics about the game.
- Added a New Travel Graphic to the Danof Tavern.

Chat Moderators
- Created Tools for Chat Moderators.
- Forum thread Posted and looking for a few moderators. see forum for details on how to apply.

Combat/Battle Difficulty Ranges
- Broadened Difficulty Ranges to be Easy 0-4, Medium 4-8, Hard 8-12, Elite 12-16

- New Item Type Released : Teleportation
- These items allow you to directly teleport to various areas around the world.
- Added Quest Line that starts in Danof (You can find him) for the first Teleport pattern reward.

November 04, 2014

v2.1 BETA (open)

Inscription Tradeskill Released!
- Added Patterns to Inscription (Level 1-8)
- New Item Type Released : Durability Rune
- These Runes can replenish durability in all quality of items (Epic and Legendary included)
- When one of these runes is used on an item to refill the durability. The item loses a range of maximum durability each time a rune is used on it. (less max durability loss from the higher quality of rune)

- Added a Orange Star next to players in the Nearby Players listing and Online Listing who are in your exact location. This makes it easier to see how many players are in your area, possibly using the same nodes as you.

Fixed Bug: now when using a durability scroll or rune empty scrolls and runes don't show up as possible items to "refill" as it would just display an error.

October 29, 2014

v2.09 BETA (open)

- Pattern-based Trades: Now will display the # of trade and inventory slots remaining while combining patterns. similar to the collection trades the color will change from green to yellow to red the closer you get to having 0 empty slots available.
- You can now view the tradeskill patterns you own wherever you are in the world. Not just in the trades area. (When not in a trades area the "Buy Patterns" button is not visible and can't be used.)
- Changed the "Train Now" button to say "Your Patterns"

Sharing Level Ups
- Now it also displays your Leaderboard Rank in the related "Tradeskill" or "Character" level up. When you share it in chat.

Fixed Bug: Where when a guild leveled off a Disenchant that produced multiple resources the guild chat was spammed with more than 1 level up message.
Fixed Bug: fixed a stray html bold tag, that was bolding all of the materials in your trade inventory listing. (only happened on the main tradeskill page that displayed the listing of all the trades)
Fixed Bug: In collection trades if you had 0 slots remaining and picked up and was forced to drop it. It would display -1 slots remaining. It was just a display glitch.

Mini-Patch: November 1, 2014
- Now Token purchased guild bank slots are handled separately than normal guild bank slots. This allows for guilds who did purchase slots with tokens to still use birch & cedar containers to increase the bank space by 20 slots like all other guilds. The token slots will just be added on top of the unlocked total.

Mini-Patch: November 3, 2014
- Guildies can now deposit and withdraw a specified # of materials to and from their guild banks. Instead of an all or nothing type situation it was before.

November 4, 2014:
- Added New Player Market access point in the Small House in the Tree (Trades Area)
Fixed Bug: Which allowed players to go negative in inventory space when purchasing items from the Player Market.

October 27, 2014

2.08 BETA (open)

Traveling/Drakor World (Sample New Graphic Feature)
- Added Sample Travel Graphics to Logging areas close to Danof, check them out? Give feedback/comments.
- Added Graphic to When you enter the Great Church of Kersay. again check it out, give feedback/comments.

Guilds Page
- Fixed bug that allowed dormant or old approved guild applications to get past the member limit for guilds
- Now when a players guild application is accepted or denied they get an ingame message notifying them.

- Added a countdown / slots remaining for collection trades. Changes color when gets closer to 0. (will add to the other trades soon)

Fixed Bug: Disenchanting in some scenarios would delete/drop the wrong material when you hit your max inventory, which could cause a lose of materials.
Fixed Typo: Typo from the in-game messages you receive from the Drakor Market. Fixed.

Mini-patch: Oct 29th, 2014
- Enhanced the Login flow. It had 4 steps/clicks before now it's only 2.

October 25, 2014

v2.071 BETA (open)

Chat System Update
- Now when linking items in chat, it adds a link code to the chat msg, allowing you to add a message with your link. Link items in whispers or any chat channels. Also allows you to link multiple items per chat line.
- This fixes players misclicking link and spamming chat. Players can just delete the link code in the chat msg after misclick
- If you notice the items don't get parsed into links. You linked too many. =) max per chat line is around 3 or 4. (I strip out the links if the chat msg is too long to store in the DB)

Enchanting: Tweaked Enchanting Patterns, as they were requiring too little materials after I buffed drop #s for DE. It was not intended to be able to DE an enchant and be able to create another one from only the materials from that DE into an endless cycle.

Fixed bug: Officers were unable to create / reply to topics in the guild forum.

October 24, 2014

2.07 BETA (open)

- Guilds now track how much gold is donated to the guild by member. You can see this displayed in the guild roster. (not on the guild armory page though)

- Construction: Added the Cedar Building Wall, Cedar Building Roof, Small Cedar Building patterns
- Cooking: Removed the Required Level on Food. (Changed to Food Level) Any level character can eat any level food now.
- Alchemy: [Extract Midnight Oil] [Extract Goldenbush Oil] both patterns had their exp level range increased from 1-3 to 1-5

- Added 2nd collection phase for World Market Vendor space upgrading.

- Added Some Pumpkins for upcoming Halloween! =) Trick or Treat?
- Now after you purchase Features in the Drakor Store with Tokens (The balance shown at the top now updates dynamically)

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