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Game Stats
4,231,044 Battles
51,627,029 Items
76 Online
Game Stats
4,231,044 Battles
51,627,029 Items

Drakor Release History

July 05, 2014

v0.2 BETA (closed)

Trade Skills
- Mining Update: Added Materials that will go up to level 50.
- Gathering Update: Added Materials that will go up to Level 50.
- Fishing Update: Added Materials that will go up to level 53.
- Logging Update: Added Materials that will go up to level 50.
- Smithing Update: Adding Patterns upto Level 10 so far.
- Jewelcrafting Update: Adding Patterns upto Level 5 so far.
- Added Global Patterns to be available in all Trades Areas and also patterns that are only available in specific locations, where you would need to travel.

- Added the feature when a guildie creates or updates a guild forum topic it will be announced in guild chat.
- Guild Forum Index now also shows the 10 most recently active topics.

Combat & Battle Deck & Cards
- Added Random Battle: Damage Cards, that can do large amounts of damage to your opponent with a chance of it backfiring for a small portion of damage to yourself instead.
- Added Random Battle: Heal Cards: This has a chance to do a large amount of healing to yourself, with a smaller chance of healing your opponent instead for a smaller amount.
- Added Durability Cards *Rare Drop*: These cards will replenish the durability on any battle card of lesser or equal level to the level of the Durability card.
- Added Achievement Cards (& Achievement Slot)! *Rare Drop!* (with added Achievement slot to equip them and perform the required achievement for the associated reward.)

- Tweaked the Beta Sign-up email. It should look & work better with a higher variety of email clients and websites.
- Tweaked Gold Drop (increased) from Battles (Arena and Creature)
- Tweaked the Equipping Battle Cards Screen
- Tweaked Card Sell Prices (increased some, decreased others)
- Added Functionality for specific Trade Materials/Quest items to only drop from certain areas when fishing, gathering, mining, etc... (outside of the global loot ranges)
- Increased the Default FREE Trade Slots to 10, now everyone will get 30 total free inventory slots.

- Fixed Bug: Had an issue with dropping a few different types of cards in a pack.
- Fixed Bug: Fixed issue with Jewelcrafting skill screen.
- Fixed Bug: Chat was causing a small issue with creating battles in the right scenario.

June 27, 2014

v0.1 BETA (closed)

Drakor Launched Closed BETA
- Beta Keys are NOT given out yet.
- Beta Group is close group of friends/avid players. If you wish to join the Closed Beta Test. Apply Here

Combat System
- Use some strategy and take 10 Battle Cards into battle with you, for a very unique Combat System!

Battle Arena

- NPC: Easy, Medium & Hard Battles
- Battle Strategy, Battle Decks, Arena Rewards

Explore the World of Drakor

- 100s of locations to explore, 100s of Monsters to Fight
- Fight Monsters, Mine, Fish, Gather
- Run Daily Dungeons throughout the world! Gather Epic Loot! (Development)


- Guilds get their own, Chat Channel, Forum, Armory Page, Guild Bank/Hall, Recruitment Page, Ranks (w/ Permissions), etc.
- Player Upgradeable Guild Halls (Development)
- Run Weekly Guild RAIDS on various Legendary Monsters. (Development)

Achievements (Development)
- Server First Achievements, 100s of other Achievements.
- Achievement Rewards: Character Titles, Tokens, Gold, Packs of Cards, etc.
- Get very rare Achievement Cards to drop!

NPC / Quest System
- Added different types of quests, kill quests, gather, etc.
- Added a few multi-task quests to get you started! check around Danof for some...and adventure around for some others.

Drakor Chat
- General Chat, will enlarge and shrink depending on your Screen Resolution you are playing on. When enlarged it shows Timestamps, Guilds, etc.
- World Chat is moderated, please be polite and courteous to the other players.

10 Tradeskills
- Mining, Fishing, Gathering, Logging
- Smithing, Disenchanting, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting all have a few Patterns
- Alchemy, Cooking, Construction both in development.

Shared Inventory
- Shared Inventory allows you to easily swap cards and tradeskill materials between your multiple characters.
- Upto a Maximum of 400 slots.

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