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Game Stats
4,231,208 Battles
51,628,686 Items
83 Online
Game Stats
4,231,208 Battles
51,628,686 Items

Drakor Release History

December 09, 2018

Release v3.10

Player World Market
- World Market is now accessible from anywhere in Drakor (and while actively working)
- It now loads in the overlay window, added the option next to Map in the main interface UI.
- Added Text Search input boxes for Selling and Buying to help filter what you are looking for
- This update requires you to refresh your browser

General Updates
- Tweaked the overlay styling a bit.
- Claimable Global Perks are now displayed at the top of the Global Perks page. Once they are claimed by players, it displays at the bottom of the screen as claimed until they expire.

Fixed Bug: Mystery Gold Global buffs were triggering multiple times when SR and Improved Quality were active, during certain actions. Which meant players were sometimes receiving 2 MG bonuses per action, while only 1 was displaying.

Release v3.101 / v3.102: December 16, 2018
Note: This update requires a browser refresh
Update: The World Events page UI has been updated so players can better track their personal overflow tasks once World Tasks are completed.
Update: Selflessly Gifting Tokens - this is not limited to purchased tokens anymore.
Added: Now you can click sort alphabetically on the collection mastery page for each trade-skill
Fixed Bug: When clicking on players guild name on their Armory Profile page it wasn't loading their related Guild Page.
Fixed Bug: added /frozen and /fro to the chat options listing. Also made the commands stand out more in the display.
Fixed Bug: after starting a teleport and then opening the new Market overlay would stop the Teleport from working.

December 02, 2018

Release v3.09

2 New Global Perks
- Success Rate & Improved Quality
- Improved Quality Global Perk can be toggled to Lowered Quality or Improved. Meaning when active, you can choose for more lower quality items to drop over higher quality items. your choice.
- Both are available to purchase on the global perks page
- Now for every $1 spent in the store, you get 2 mins of Mystery Gold, 3 mins of Success Rate and 4 mins of Improved Quality!
- The Global Perks page has a minor tweak to the description locations of each grouping of perks

New Pet - Slug
- Added to the Store and given out to everyone who met the promotion threshold (Apr-May 2018)

- Updated Overlay Library to fix a few bugs (requires refresh)

Fixed Bug: Daily Quests only give out Mystery Gold now. (until the others are added correctly into the rewards) It wasn't intended to give out MG/SR and Improved Quality all at the same time.
Fixed Bug: Manual, Store, etc can now be right clicked and opened in a new tab (requires refresh) this was broken when 3.09 was released.
December 6, 2018
Fixed Bug: Opening chests now only give out Mystery Gold global buff. It was spamming all 3 (showing Mystery Gold) but giving out Success Rate and Improved Quality. This was an unintended effect of v3.09.

November 03, 2018

Release v3.08

Quality of Life Update:
- Your Equipment Inventory will now remember which page you were on and what filter was used when you return to the inventory.
- This will speed up selling items, or re-using items you just used and also help you keep your spot in where you were looking at your inventory
- It currently only saves your inventory location until you sign off. Once you sign back in it will be reset.

November 9, 2018
Fixed Bug: Now when you update inventory options, it will override the currently saved settings, instead of reverting back to the old saved settings.
Change: Now Guild Officers can remove gold from the guild vault (max of 500k per withdrawal), Guild Leaders have no maximum.
November 11, 2018
Fixed Bug: Expired Ritual Shrines will no longer display when adventuring in the world of Drakor.
November 12, 2018
Fixed Bug: the Chromium Sceptre Pattern now does not create items incorrectly named Bloodstone Sceptres

October 07, 2018

Release v3.07

Happy 4th Birthday Drakor!

- To help celebrate our 4th birthday. I have launched the games first "animated" pet. (animates on the pet page) It's the "Ice Cream Critter".
- All players who type '/claim birthday' between Oct 6th and Oct 20th (2 weeks) will receive this pet immediately after typing the command in chat.
- Thanks to all current and past players for making Drakor a successful and fun endeavor into building my first game! Enjoy the new pet everyone.

May 22, 2018

Release v3.06

Premium Feature Upgrade: Sell All v2.0
- You can now specify a specific item type for your sell all
- You can now specify a min level and max level range for your sell all
- If a specific item type is selected it will ignore if you have exempted that item type and still only sell that item type.

July 6, 2018
New - Added Premium Armory Theme "Tech Savvy" and given to all players who met the threshold from the Feb-March 2018 Promo
Fixed Bug - Baby Rockling pet now can be purchased anytime through the year from the Event Points Vendor
New - Added Guinea Pig Pet to Drakor Store

August 4, 2018
Fixed Bug - Daily quests now will not drop a title you have already received.
Fixed Bug - Now Trade Material popups (that are long) will not get cut off at the top of the screen on small resolutions.
Fixed Bug - Daily quests will now not create a daily collection quest in potentially "key locked or event locked" areas.
Fixed Styling - small styling issue when opening chests and receiving trade materials as drops.
August 18, 2018
Update - June/July Promo Winners Announced in Forums
Added - Giant Bumblebee Mount from Dec/Jan promo added into Game (given out to players who met the promo threshold) and added to Drakor Store
Added - Dark Griffon Mount from Feb/Mar promo added into game and to the Drakor Store

September 30, 2018
Added - 'Mystic Forest' Premium Armory Profile was given out and launched (from the Dec/Jan Promo)
Added - Polar Bear Cub Pet Added to Drakor Store (from the Dec/Jan Promo)

March 14, 2018

Release v3.05

Inscription: Ritual Shrines
- New Ritual Shrine pattern created for 51+ Inscriptionists
- A new Teleport: Random Shrine pattern has been added to the Teleportation Quest line (Level 51-70)
- The Teleport: Random Shrine will create a teleport to a random active shrine within the world of Drakor
- Once you create a Ritual Shrine they can be dropped by anyone in any World Area or Town Areas in Drakor (unable to drop in Settlements, Dungeons)
- Ritual Shrines are player trade-able, once they are dropped they last for 5-12 weeks before they expire
- Any Shrine Teleport needs an active shrine in that location for the teleport to be used.
- 2 Permanent Shrines have been created within the world to start off with. The rest will be player community managed.
- A real-time active list of Shrines can be now found in the Manual.
- When a shrine is dropped in a location, it's announced in chat.

Winter Clean-up Event
- New Event Point Player Titles have been added to the Winer Cleanup Event that starts March 17th.

Fixed Bug: Chat options button was broken for a short duration after the v3.05 release.
April 8, 2018
Feb-March Promo Winners Announced / April-May Promotion Launched in Drakor Store
April 9, 2018
Fixed Bug: New Shrine Teleports are now included in the Teleport "Sell All" exemption checkbox.
April 11, 2018
Added: New Pet added to Store and given out to players from Oct/Nov Promo "Lashaunna"
May 7, 2018
Added: Added a new sorting option to the Player Market, name,price which will sort the Names alphabetically and then price low to high.
May 14, 2018
Added: 2 New Pets to the Drakor Store, Mimic Chest and Holy Cow

May 15, 2018
Fixed Bug: In-game Inbox / Outbox pages will now load quickly. fixed the lag on those 2 pages.

December 03, 2017

Release v3.04

World Events Update - Overflow Tasks
- Now when a task is completed for any world events, there is an overflow task where each player can contribute the same items to the related task to personally get up to 5 event points for themselves.
- The task needs to be completed before you can contribute to the individual overflow task.

Aug/Sept Promo Rewards
- The Cheetah Mount has been added to the store and given out to everyone who spent $24 in Aug-Sept
- The Slender Cat pet has been added to the store.
- "the Unfriendly" custom title has been given out to everyone who spent $19 or more in Aug-Sept
- The 2nd premium profile theme is still in development, should be done soon.

Oct/Nov Promo Rewards
- All Pet Naming Tokens, Customize Tokens and Premium Profile (unlocked feature) has been given out to everyone who purchased and met thresholds during Oct-Nov
- Winners will be chosen soon.

Added: Titanium Treasure Pick (lvl 51-70) Pattern has been added to the game.
Added: Mithril Treasure Pick (lvl 71-100) Pattern has been added to the game.

December 19, 2017
Fixed Bug: fixed the issue with world event overflow tasks not giving out the correct EP values.
December 21, 2017
Fixed Bug: processed world tasks all again, figured out missing EP for players, deposited the missing EP to accounts and sent in-game mail to players who were effected and the difference of EP that was given out to fix the overflow points issue. (current in-progress overflow tasks, are still not cleaned up, but as of right now all players have the EP they should have, starting new overflow tasks will work correctly as well)
Added: Now overflow task links only show up when you have at least 1 required item in your inventory.
January 21, 2018
New/Update: Removed the old bot check, created a simple bot check from scratch. let me know of any feedback once you get to try it out.
Fixed Bug: Found logic flow issue with the combat bot check, this should be working 100% now. sorry for the inconvenience.
January 23, 2018
Event Items: Mass Purge/Auto-Sell of Event Items. To get ready for the events coming up this year.
February 4, 2018
Event Items: All Event Item that had a max level of 70 have been increased to 100
Fixed Bug: The Events button wasn't turning green (active) with the new Valentine's Day Event, this has been fixed for all future events as well.
February 8, 2018
Added: New Player Titles have been launched for purchase from the Events Vendor for the Valentine's World Event, get them now! titles are only available for purchase during the event.
February 12, 2018
New: Dec-Jan Promo Winners Selected, Premium Theme from Oct-Nov Promo given out, Pet Tokens and Customize Tokens given out from Dec-Jan Promo
New: Feb-Mar Promo Details Updated.

November 25, 2017

Release v3.03

Equipment Inventory Filter
- Added new premium feature to the store, that will allow automatically filtering of your inventory by type of item.
- Changed the paging on the inventory page. it now is a drop down instead of the old version. (requires refresh)
- On Inventory load, the focus is set to the paging drop down field. use up/down keyboard keys to scroll through your inventory pages.

Combat Bot Check
- Updated more code today to help make sure it only happens every 50-100+ battles.

Fixed Bug: Weapons are now part of the Equipment (exempt check box) for the Sell All Feature, so when you check off equipment it will not auto sell weapons

November 26, 2017
New: You can now increase your guild bank space by another 10 slots with [Oak Container] x 5.
Fixed Bug: Teleports now display in the Inventory filter drop down.

November 03, 2017

Release v3.02

Global Perks Revamp
- You can now purchase global perks for 1-5 hour durations
- Global Perks that are claimed do NOT use the food buff anymore. So they now stack with Food
- Global Perks can now be claimed together and stack with other perks.
- There is no limit to the globals that can be purchased now.
- When you have global perks claimed, you will now see icons at the top of the screen that when moused over say how long the perk is active for
- When you have a certain perk active, you can claim another of similar type and it will "extend" the current one you have active.
- This release requires a browser refresh, please do so if you haven't.

November 4, 2017
Fixed Bug: Timer Reduction stacking was not working correctly.
Update: Capped Timer Reduction bonuses to 50% for the time being while I do further investigation into the potential impacts from stacking of all buffs
Update: Global Perks page now displays the expiry for each perk, instead of having to mouse over it.
November 5, 2017
Fixed Bug: 2hr Global Perks were only charging the 1hr price.
New: Added Treasure Hunting Key (Smithing) patterns for Level 51-70
November 7, 2017
New: Added a small "button click" Bot Check to combat battles, this will also report to me bot failures as well.
November 8, 2017
Fixed Bug: Bot Checks will now work correctly within the Arena.
Update: Bot Checks for combat now display randomly, instead of a set # of battles.
November 14, 2017
Fixed Bug: Updated code for bot check in combat. it should only show up every 50-150 battles. let me know if this is not the case.
November 19, 2017
Fixed Bug: tracked down the issue with the bot checks not acknowledging successful bot checks, this should be working as intended now (only showing every 50-150 battles), this fix requires a refresh in the browser.
New: Mithril Ring (71-100) pattern has been added to the Rings Questline as a reward.

October 04, 2017

Release v3.00

Happy 3rd Birthday Drakor! (Oct 6th)

Gallion Plains / Adara Lake
- Level 71 - 100 Content has been released.
- 30+ more new areas to explore
- Many new monsters, patterns and materials to collect and create

Unlimited Personal Inventory
- The game has now moved to UNLIMITED Personal inventory
- All players who spent tokens on expanding their personal inventory will have 75% of the tokens spent refunded in their account!
- Guild Inventory is still available for purchase in the store and hasn't changed.

Frozen Nodes
- You can now freeze nodes across the lands of Drakor with Drakor Tokens
- When a node is frozen it doesn't matter how many players are at that node, the node will not start to deplete any further until the freezing expires.
- When a node is frozen, all players at that node can continue to work there AFK un-interupted until the node un-freezes and then depletes like normal
- Guild nodes _can_ be frozen (and it will propagate to all guilds who have the guild node unlocked and active)
- You can freeze a node for an unlimited amount of time.
- The higher the level of node, the more tokens it takes to "freeze it"
- You can freeze the node from the collection / working screen.
- You can list the current list of Frozen Nodes by typing /frozen in chat

Automated World Travel
- Now you can open the world map, click on a location you wish to travel too and you will travel to that location directly.
- This allows for an easier user experience when travelling the world.
- You can travel to all shown map locations, but not directly to Dungeons or Settlements
- Mount Travel bonuses have been tweaked to be percentage based to have a better impact on Automated Travel
- Travel Buffs are the only buffs that reduce Automated Travel (Timer Reduction does not)
- It now displays your current area with a red dot (doesn't display 'you' when mouseover the dot now) on the World Map and MiniMap
New - You can only use Auto World Travel when your current location is on the World Map (you will need to leave towns/etc...) before being able to use World Travel

Locked Inventory Items
- You can now click on the little lock when viewing an item to "Lock it"
- Any item that is locked can NOT be Disenchanted, sold to NPC or sold with using the sell all feature, until the item is un-locked
- The item can be listed on the Market for sale while locked.
- When viewing your inventory the item icons will display a lock when the item is locked

General Updates
- Naase's selected 'Vicious Beaver' pet has been added to the Drakor Store
- Purchasing Personal Inventory Slots have been removed from the Store.
- Travel Food Buffs are now % based and STACK with Mount Travel Buffs.
- Drakor World Map now is positioned to display Gallion Plains and Adara Lake correctly

- The Castle Pattern has been added into the game.

Fixed Bug: A few bugs were found with Auto World Travel
Fixed Bug: Displaying Pets/Mounts from Icons (non-items) were showing an error
Fixed Bug: Pattern skills were still enforcing inventory limits.
Fixed Bug: Fixed a few pattern issues in Enchanting, Cooking and Alchemy (all 71-100 patterns)
Fixed Bug: All Dark Cherry Handle related patterns 71-100 now use Mahogany Handles
October 5, 2017
Fixed Bug: When opening chests with Treasure Hunting, item drops won't display an inventory full message anymore.
Fixed Bug: Offline workers still would display Inventory Full messaging when collecting materials from them
Update: Quest rewards that used to give inventory slots have been changed to World Bank slots
October 7, 2017
Fixed Bug: You will not get inventory full errors now when purchasing from the NPC vendor.
Update: Vicious Beaver pet distributed to everyone who met the promo threshold during the April-May Promo.
New: Woolly Mammoth pet has been added to the Drakor Store for purchase.
Fixed Bug: The tradeskill nodes at Heart of the Plains and Cliffside Lean-To areas now sell patterns.
Fixed Bug: The World Map now correctly displays all of the new areas correctly (a few were hidden and weren't meant to be)
Update: 71-100 Smithing patterns were using Dark Cherry Handles instead of Mahogany Handles.
October 8, 2017
Fixed Bug: Celestial Runes in Ancient Research are now correctly 71-100 and not 51-70.
Update: Freezing nodes for Treasure Hunting has been increased to match guild node prices, as the essence of this trade is different than the others and should have an increased price.
October 14, 2017
Fixed Bug: Halloween Quests are now active.
October 15, 2017
Fixed Bug: Changed the Steel Bar pattern to now use Halloween related items instead of [Coal] which is used for the Winter Holiday.
New: Aug-Sept Promo Winners were announced in the forum, congrats to the winners! [Pet Naming Token]s and [Customize Token]s have been given out to everyone as well.

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